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Scary performances at QMUC

After 1 week of practice our international students delivered 3 exciting theatre performances. 

The students were showed 2 historical and 1 contemporary painting. Without knowing the background of the paintings they were asked to create a theatre performance, complete with music and scenography. Thus they got to learn the basic elements of the three areas in the esthetic subjects.

When visiting the Remida-centre in Trondheim, they learned how to recycle materials and make them into stage props fitting their performances. The sceneries they created were photographed and projected as backgrounds on the stage.


QMUC had invited teachers and children from Birralee International School and Kindergarten to the performance, and the enthusiastic children clearly enjoyed the plays.

Fake and real princesses, scary trolls, dragons, magic potions and lost fathers were among the ingredients that contributed to give the children a great experience. The audience were clearly captured and eager to comment on the plays. The students got a stimulating first hand experience in making children`s theatre.