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Helene Lund

Prorektor for masterutdanning

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Seksjon for pedagogikk





Cand. Theol., Menighetsfakultetet i Oslo

Phd i teologi, Menighetsfakultetet i Oslo


Haanes, V.L., Lund, H. (2013) "MF Norwegian School of Theology and lifelong learning: the role of religious institutions in community development" in Bergan, S. (red) Remaining Democratic Societies: a new era of personal and Social responsibility Strasbourg: Council of Europe Publishing

Lund, H (2010) Conflicting Ecclesiologies: Exploring the Ecclesiological Discourse in the Special Commission on Orthodox Participation in the World Council of Churches from 1998-2002 Oslo: Unipub

Lund, H. (2013) "A Norwegian Case Study: Migration and Multiculturality from the point of view of Religious Leaders in the Catholic Church in Norway" in research report from CULTA Religion and Multiculturality from the point of view of religious leaders in the Catholic Church in Norway

Lund, H. (2012) "Den dogmatiske konstitusjon om Kirken" i Kristiansen, S.P., Solberg, P.K. (red) SEGL-katolsk årsskrift for religion og samfunn Oslo: St Olav forlag