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Professor of Educational Science with Focus on Early Childhood Education Research

Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter has become QMUC`s first Professor of Educational Science with Focus on on Early Childhood Education Research. 
The expert group who assessed her application praised Sandseter on many levels: - Sandseter presents a very extensive scientific production of very good quality and excellent scientific qualifications in her field of research. She is a productive researcher who has conducted several internationally well-established studies and publications of very good quality and she has made a substantial contribution to national and international knowledge and debates on early childhood practice and the professional development of teachers. 

Ellen Beate Sandseter professor at QMUC

They also acknowledged her scientific and pedagogical qualifications, as well as current national and international activities. - She has extensive and relevant qualifications regarding administration and leadership, as well as cooperation with the surrounding community which is required for employment as a professor.

The young professor started working at QMUC in 1997. Her research field extends from children´s wellbeing in ECEC to outdoors play, children and spaces and risk and safety. 

- Risky play has a very prominent place in my work, says Sandseter.  She defended her PhD “Scaryfunny. A Qualitative Study of Risky Play Among Preschool Children” in 2010. In her dissertation she focuses on the children`s view of risky play. 

In her later research Sandseter`s perspective has changed to how adults in ECEC respond to risky play, and how the society`s norms of safety is challenging this kind of play. – I am also interested in the health aspect of risky play, how it effects the children`s development both cognitively and physically, she says.

Her research has given her an assignment as an external expert in Comité de Normalisation, the Council that harmonise playground standards within the EU.  – The physical environment is a very important, says the professor. It is important to have knowledge of this when the playground is being planned. 

Sandseter has received several awards, and has, so far, published 68 articles and a number of books. She has an extensive collaboration with international partners, especially in Canada and Australia. 

The expert group consisted of:
1. Professor Anette Sandberg, Mälardalen Högskola, Sweden
2. Professor Tim Waller, Anglia Ruskin University, England
3. Professor Tora Korsvold, Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education, Norway

Professor Sandseter’s homepage