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Childhood and cultural diversity

The main target of this research group is to extend the knowledge in the field of Early Child Education and Care (ECEC) and above all, to gain a deeper insight into cultural diversity.
Leader: Professor Tora Korsvold

The research group uses an interdisciplinary approach and a diverse methodology, researching on different topics in the area of ECEC.

The methodological approach of the group leans on different theories of cultural diversity and multiculturalism. These theories are both from anthropology and sociology, social studies of childhood as well as research in the field of minority children in both national and international ECEC' settings.

The outcomes from the research will be relevant for the ECEC setting as a democratic and diverse space for children to live, and also for the education of the professional practitioners.

The research group is involved in the network and the workshop Children’s Migration in historical and cross-cultural Perspectives, financed by the The Joint Committee for Nordic research councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOS-HS) 2017.

Tora Korsvold
Professor emerita Tora Korsvold tora.korsvold@dmmh.notlf: