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Spaces for play and learning

The research group Spaces for play and learning is a multi disciplinary group of researchers from many different scientific disciplines, e.g. pedagogy, special needs education, physical education and health, mathematics, music and social sciences.
Leader: Professor Ellen Beate H. Sandseter

The group works on projects and theoretical development within various relevant themes and research questions. The activities are focused on different themes related to play, learning, well-being, psychosocial- and physical environments in early childhood education and care (ECEC) institutions.

The group aims to combine a diversity of theoretical perspectives in its work, and its overarching goal is that the research should be relevant for the ECEC sector and of use for the practice filed.

The group also works within diverse philosophies of science and methodological perspectives, and aims at facilitating methodological diversity in its research projects.

The aim of the research group Spaces for play and learning is to develop and conduct relevant research projects within the group, as well as developing applications for externally funded projects.

The group also aims to develop joint publications of research findings and to be a forum for collaboration, discussion and supervision among researchers at QMUC who focus their work within this theme.

The research group Spaces for play and learning is collaborating closely with the ECEC sector, the practice field, other ECEC teacher educations, ECEC researchers in other institutions, as well as other relevant stake holders.

The group aims to be in contact with the political groups that has an impact on the ECEC sector, and wishes to contribute  research based knowledge that can shape the future development of the ECEC sector. 
Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter
Professor Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter ebs@dmmh.notlf: 73 80 52 59