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Student in Trondheim

Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway, and well known for it's student life. Together with your fellow students at QMUC there are many things you can do to make your stay in Trondheim memorable.


Nature is never far away. You could get on the tram from St. Olav Street to Lian and Bymarka or get on bus number 3 to Estenstadmarka.
In Trondheim there are also several green areas closer to the city like Marinen next to Nidaros Cathedral, Munkholmen and Festningen. Other than that you could find good places to take a swim outside like Korsvika, Hestsjøen, Ringvebukta, Lianvannet, Munkholmen, Kyvannet and Rotvoll. Jogging or hiking on Ladestien or Nidelvstien is also a good alternative.


Sit idrett is an inexpensive and good sport alternative for students. Here you can use the gym facilities or go to one of the many aerobic classes, the climbing wall, squash courts or try one of the yoga classes. 


Trondheim has a lot to offer in the entertainment business. We will mention Trondheim Kino, Trøndelag Teater, Rosendal Teater, Filmklubben og Cinemateket, Trondheim Jazzforum, and Lerkendal Stadion where the local football team Rosenborg plays their matches.
There are often concerts at places like Samfundet, Moskus, Dokkhuset, Olavshallen, Rockheim, Byscenen and other venues. 
“Studentersamfundet”, or Samfundet for short, is a big, red building in Elgesetergate just by the Elgeseter bridge, where nearly 1.200 students in Trondheim work on a voluntary basis to keep the place constantly packed with great offers and events.

Getting around


Student Welfare

Together with the educational institutions, Studentsamskipnaden (Sit) has the mandate to establish a complete educational environment for the students.  All students, including exchange students, at QMUC are members, and can use the benefits of Studentsamskipnaden.
Studentsamskipnaden has accommodation for hire, gyms, kindergartens, medical centre and they run cafeterias.

The University Chaplains of Trondheim

If you need someone to talk to you can contact one of the Student Priests. They are ordained ministers of the Lutheran Church of Norway, but they welcome all students, no matter faith, to counseling or to take part in the events that they offer together with the Student Congregation.  They also offer different social events for Norwegian and international students. 

The University Chaplains of Trondheim

What's going on in Trondheim?

ESN Trondheim (International Exchange Erasmus Student Network)