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Computer rooms

There are two computer rooms on campus with a total of 39 computers:

  • 30 in the basement in the main building (room 030)
  • 9 on the 1st floor /ground floor in the building «Låven» (room 1108)

Opening hours

Your student card is also a key card, which gives you access to QMUC’s buildings and computer rooms every day between 06:30 and 23:30 hours.

The alarm is activated at 23:30. Be sure to leave the building before this.

Rules for using the computer rooms

1. The computers are meant for students’ school work. Using the computers for other purposes is allowed only if there is spare capacity.
2. It is not allowed to use the computers for activities that violate Norwegian law.
3. Food and drink are not allowed, as spilling may cause damage to the computers.
4. Reservation of computers is not permitted, except during lunch hour and for other necessary purposes (maximum 30 minutes). The student must log off before the break and leave a note with the time for when (s)he will return. Others may use the computer in the meantime.
5. The computer rooms are open every day between 06:30 and 23:30 hours. Before the alarm is activated, there is an audio and light signal. When this happens, you must turn off the computer and leave the room immediately. Now and then a computer room may be reserved for exams, teaching or courses.
6. Installation of programs (or making an attempt at this) is not allowed.
7. You must always log off the computer after using it. Turn off the computer when you leave it after 15:00 hours.
8. The IT regulations of QMUC apply to all students.