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Special needs accommodation

QMUC shall be an attractive place of study to all students, and has ambitions to create an inclusive study environment for all. 

International students with special needs are asked to contact us early on so that we can assess the needs. Applicants with special needs will be contacted before final approval of the acceptance. The final decision depends on the extra services/facilities available. 

Some of the services available:
- Lift
- Hearing loops (audio induction loops)
- HC parking
- Digital exam 
- Counselling (public health nurse, student priest)

SiT, the Student Welfare Organization, offers apartments and bedsits for students with disabilities. 

Documentation of special needs should be provided in English or a Scandinavnian language within given deadlines. 

More information, including a translation of QMUC's Action Plan for Special Needs, will be published later.