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Police certificate of good conduct

Students who have practical training as part of their studies are required to submit police certificate of good conduct. The certificate must be submitted to the International Office by the start of your course. Students who do not submit police certificate will not be allocated a place for practical training.

In order to apply for police certificate, you need to contact your local police station in your home country.

The police certificate cannot be older than three months by the start of the practical training period in Norway.

If you have any remarks on your police certificate, it is important that you inform the International Office as soon as possible, and before you travel to Norway.

Why is it necessary to submit police certificate?

According to the Act Relating to Universities and University Colleges, police certificate is required for admission to studies in which students will be in contact with clients, children in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) institutions, pupils or others, in connection with compulsory practical training. The requirement for police certificate is pursuant to the provisions of the Regulations Concerning Admission to Higher Education.

Check also Rules and regulations.

Handling of police certificates

The police certificate is only valid for this specific purpose. That is, you cannot use the police certificate more than once. Police certificates will be expunged after they have been registered as received by QMUC.

In some incidences, QMUC may get access to information that indicates that the student has new information regarding the police certificate. In such incidences, QMUC will contact the police in order to get updated regarding the original police certificate. The police cannot give information about punishable offences that are not subject to the police certificate.