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Arrival and accommodation

If accepted as an exchange student from a partner institution, QMUC will arrange a room for you at the Student Village at Moholt.

Students are requested to send the exact time of arrival to the International Office so that they can be met at the airport (Værnes)/train station and shown their way to their accommodation.

Upon arrival at the student village, you will be asked to sign a contract and to pay a deposit (NOK 5000/650 EUR). The deposit will be returned between two and three months after you have left the apartment, less deductions for any unsettled bills, such as telephone. The rent at the student villages (Single Room) is about NOK 3200 - 3500 a month.  Electricity and Internet access are included in the rent.

You must give two month’s notice at the student village before you leave, otherwise you may lose part of the deposit.

The rooms at the student villages are furnished with the basics (bed, writing desk, cupboard, chair and table). You may want to bring a radio and other items to make the room more personal. Bedclothes and most kitchen utensils are provided by the International Office at QMUC.

You will share a kitchen and bathroom with two to three other students (male and female). You need to bring or buy your own towels. 

You will receive additional information from the Moholt reception regarding laundry, storage, cleaning, rubbish, post etc.


Because of Trondheim's coastal climate and weather changes, we suggest that you bring rainproof clothing and waterproof shoes or boots. If you are in Norway in the winter, it is best to wear woollen clothing. You should bring a warm jacket and a good pair of snow boots with a thick sole that will keep you on your feet despite icy streets. "Is brodder" or crampons that easily slip on and off your shoes are well worth the investment. You can buy these in most shoeshops in Trondheim. Also remember to bring some sports clothing if you want to follow Norwegians in their leisure time activities and weekend trips.