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Letter from Zala Fister

Zala Fister from University of Ljublana studied at QMUC in 2015.
I am Zala from Slovenia and I am studying pre-school education. I wanted to go an exchange somewhere, and luckily I landed at QMUC.

The outcomes were high above my expectations. Of course the first impression when coming to a new country is very important. International coordinator Anne Sine from QMUC picked me up at the airport and kindly explained how to get a student card, monthly card for bus and everything else that I needed to know the first day. 

Lections at university were interesting. I got the feeling that professors tried to pass useful knowledge in interactive ways with a lot of discussions. They tried to get to know us and asked us about various topics in our countries. The best surrounding for outdoor lectures we experienced at Froset farm, owned by QMUC, where we tried out some risky challenges and cooked on the fire. 

In addition to this the college organized for us, international students, many excursions related to pedagogy, Norwegian traditions and history. 

The best of the best was practical training in barnehage (Norwegian kindergarten). I am amazed by the system in their kindergartens. Teachers respect and trust children, and encourage positive self-esteem and independency. Every week I had mentoring sessions with my mentor, where I could ask everything what I was wondering about.

I would strongly recommend choosing exchange at QMUC to everyone, who would like to get international experiences and knowledge from early childhood education. I really believe that this is one of the best colleges for pre-school teachers on the world, which means that you will have to put some effort to your studying there. But no worries, professors will help you! ?