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Practical training

Practical training is a mandatory and important part of the bachelor’s courses for international exchange students.
During the course the students will gain experience with planning, carrying out and evaluating pedagogical work in the ECEC institution, and gain experience with the Early Childhood Teacher profession. The students will carry out 30 days of practical training in an ECEC setting (0-5 years).  

QMUC is responsible for the placement of the students. 


The practical training (PT) teacher in the ECEC setting takes absence during the training and should be notified immediately about absence by the student. With successive days of absence of more than three days, a medical certificate is required and should be given to the PT teacher who will forward it to the PT tutor at QMUC. If the total absence exceeds 30 per cent, the student fails the PT. If the total absence during the practical training period is between 20 and 30 per cent, the student has to catch up with parts of the training. The decision will be made by the Head of PT, the PT tutor and the PT teacher. If the PT teacher is absent more than 3 days, the Head of PT is notified by the Head Teacher at the ECEC setting.

Information related to practical training:

Obligation to observe secrecy
Mandatory tuberculosis testing
Police certificate of good conduct