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DMMH works systematically to increase internationalization in educational programs and research. 

Our Strategy

Internationalisation strategy 2022-2025
Action plan for cooperation with educational institutions in Africa

International partnership and collaboration

International cooperation
International partner institutions
International projects


DMMH participates in the following international research and educational funding programmes: 

Erasmus+, Nordplus og UTFORSK

Teacher and Staff Mobility

The staff gain valuable experiences and international perspectives from participating at international conferences, in mobility and in research with international colleagues. QMUC encourages teachers and staff to visit other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) for teaching and training on mobility grants within the ERASMUS programme. There is also staff exchange with HEIs in other parts of the world.

DMMH employees, both academic and administrative staff, can apply for exchange through the Erasmus+ scheme. Erasmus+ is a scholarship program for exchanges with partners in the EU.

For more information please visit this site: https://intranett.dmmh.no/laringsstotte/erasmus 

QMUC hosts many visiting teachers and other staff from partner institutions. The mobility visits from 2 days and up to 1 week. PhD student come on mobility visits for periods up to 6 months. Teacher and staff mobility has provided very positive experiences for our own and our partners’ teachers and staff members.