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Professor Peter Moss

Thomas Coram Research Unit, Institute of Education University of London
E-post: peter.moss@ioe.ac.uk  

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Democracy: a fundamental value of early childhood education and care  

There is a long tradition of democracy as a fundamental value in education and some countries today recognise its place in early childhood education and care. But more generally democracy is marginalised by an increasingly hegemonic neoliberalism, which values market relationships of competition, calculation and contract.

In this presentation, I will re-state the case for democracy as a fundamental value in all forms of education, including early years; consider the meaning of democracy; and outline some of the ways in which democracy can be practiced in the barnehage – or any other early childhood centre.

I will conclude by discussing the conditions that are needed if democracy is to be enacted in education and flourish.

Peter Moss is Emeritus Professor of Early Childhood Provision at the Thomas Coram Research Unit, Institute of Education University of London.

His interests include early childhood education and care (ECEC); the workforce in children’s services; the relationship between care, gender and employment (including the role of leave policies); the relationship between ECEC and compulsory schooling; social pedagogy; and democracy in children’s services.

Much of his work over the last 25 years has been cross-national, in particular in Europe.

He is currently the co-coordinator of the International Network on Leave Policies and Research and editor of the network’s annual review of leave policies, covering 34 countries.

With Gunilla Dahlberg, he edits the book series Contesting Early Childhood, which provides a forum for questioning the dominant discourses surrounding early childhood and offering alternative narratives in an area now made up of a multitude of perspectives and debates.

Recent books include:
  • Radical Education and the Common School: A Democratic Alternative (with Michael Fielding), which won first prize in 2012 in the annual book award of the Society for Educational Studies
  •  Social Pedagogy and Working with Children and Young People (edited with Claire Cameron)
  • Early Childhood and Compulsory Education: Reconceptualising the Relationship