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Anne Beate Reinertsen

Seksjon for pedagogikk

Anne Beate Reinertsen works as Professor in Education at Queen Maud University College: I am professor in Education, Practical Knowledge and Philosophy and hold a Ph.D. from the University of Trondheim, NTNU, on process quality and organizational learning. Prior to my academic career I worked several years as lecturer and leader.  I have performed leadership studies and training, and have participated in and been mentor in a large number of pedagogical research and development projects. This includes being mentor for local municipalities in school development projects. My main fields of competences are theories of sciences, philosophical and qualitative research, research methodologies, learning theories, leadership and processquality, organizational learning and action research, assessment literacy, critical and new materialist/post human pedagogies.  Some of my last works are on interspecies collaboration and sustainability. I have been visiting scholar in USA two periods (Stanford California and University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign) of six months, and have a broad international network and collaboration partners. I mentor masterstudents and PhD students and have served as opponent at dissertations.  I have participated in several committees evaluating applicant’s professor competences.


Work experience:

01.08.13          Present date:   Professor at Queen Maud University College, Trondheim


01.08.07 to    

31.07.13          Associated Professor at Nord-Trøndelag University College.


01.08.01 to

31.07.07:         Lecturer, Assistant Professor and PhD student at Nord-Trøndelag University  College (Six years in total, three years Ph.D. work financed by The Norwegian Research Council).


01.08.94 to

31.07.01:     High School administrator and International Baccalaureate coordinator (Six  Years).

01.01.85 to

31.07.94:         High School Teacher (Nine years).


Formal education:
01.08.2013: Awarded competence as Professor in Education.

01.09.2012 to 31.12.2012: Visiting Scholar at the University of Illinois sponsored by Prof. Norman Denzin

01.08.2007: Awarded competence as Associated Professor in Education.

15.06.2007: Doctoral debate and acceptance of Ph.D. thesis. NTNU, Trondheim.

2003/04: Seven month postgraduate studies at Stanford University, California/USA. The stay was part of Ph.D. work which was entirely financed by the Norwegian Research Council.

2003: Awarded competence as Assistant Professor in Education (On the basis of publications, work experience, leadership and management of different research –and development projects).

1999: Leadership, evaluation and management studies (One Year) North- Trøndelag University College.

1995: Master in Education, NTNU Trondheim.

Bachelor 2:
1993: Studies of pedagogy, NTNU Trondheim (I,5years).
1990: Development studies, specializing in African studies at NTNU Trondheim (0,5Years).
1986: Development studies at the University of Agder (One year).
1985: Social Science studies; International politics (0,5 Years) at NTNU Trondheim.
1984: Teacher-Training Program: (0,5years), University of Agder.

Bachelor 1:
1984: Studies of English: (I,5years), University of Bergen.
1983: Social Sciences: (One year), University of Bergen.
1981: European and global history: (I,5 years), University of Bergen.

Forskning og utvikling


2017: Collaboration with NTNU on project: Children and Technology.  This is not a project about information technology and digitalization, but about energy and natural science education. (Ongoing)


2017: Editor Special Issue on Norwegian Voices on Methodology. Scientific Journal International Review of Qualitative Research (IRQR). (Ongoing)


2016: Editor Special Issue on Leadership, Scientific Journal Reconceptualizing Educational Research Methodologies (RERM)


2016:  Collaboration with researchers at The Arctic University, Tromsø, and Theatre Company Rulleramp, Tromsø, on (school) attendance (Skolefrafall) (Ongoing)


2016: Member of scientific committee of European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Leuven, Belgium (Ongoing)


2016: Author Gyldendal E-learning Platform KAN


2016: Training seminar for teacher educators to Council of Europe, Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and participation, Education Department. This is a preparation for a testing of descriptors in practical learning situations.  I act as multiplier.


2015: Member COST ACTION IS1037 (International network financed by the Norwegian Research Council and EU) (Ongoing)


2015 I organized, with Oslo and Akershus University College, an international workshop on Pedagogy for the 21st. century focused on research methodologies with 70 national and international participants.  The workshop was sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council.


2013-15:  Research projectdeveloper at DMMH (Leading the development of three NRF applications)


2014:  Attendance at EU R&I Proposal Development course in Brussels.


2013-2017:  Peer reviewer for Qualitative Research (Scholar One Journal) Editor in Chief: Dr. Sara Delamont.  Peer reviewer for Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research (Scholar One Journal) Editor in Chief: Dr. Øyvind Martinsen. Peer review for International Review of Qualitative Research (Scholar two Journal). Editor in Chief: Prof. Norman Denzin. (Ongoing)

2013-2016: Member of editorial board and editor of scientific journal RERM: Reconceptualizing Educational Research Methodologies.


2013: Group leader, and on behalf of HiNT, in charge of arranging conference on Practical Research and Development in the Trøndelag Region (FoU i Praksis) April 2013.  Editor of conference report published by Akademika (2014).


2012: Member of group, and on behalf of HiNT, preparing the annual conference on Practical Research and Development in the Trøndelag Region (FoU i Praksis) April 2012. 


2011: Leading North Trøndelag University College’s formal in service training for High school teachers on”Health services and psychiatric health care for students”.  This is a project developed in collaboration with municipal health care services in the region.


2009:  Observer and visiting researcher in Finland, Vasa, Korsholm Kommune. 


2009-2011: Piloting a research project on developing Sustainable Assessment Cultures in Norwegian Schools. The pilot was financed by the Norwegian Research Council through “Utdanning 2020”.


Since 2008 I have worked with The European Councils’ Pestalozzi Programme focussing on democracy education, human rights education and rule of law. My focus area has been “Education for the prevention of crimes against humanity”.  In 2012 I have arranged a tandem workshop between Estonia and Norway on “Evaluation of transversal skills, attitudes and knowledge”.  In November 2013 I was European Expert to Estonia at workshop continuing the work.


2010 - 2014: Member of European Evaluation Society (EES) 


2008-2010: Member of the Norwegian Directorate Network for School Evaluation


2007-2010: Member of the Norwegian Directorate Network for Pupil Assessment


From 1992- 2002 Member of Forum for Classroom Research at NTNU, Trondheim. Leader 1996 to 2002.   As member and leader I participated in several research and development projects in schools. 


Conference participation and paper presentations 2010-2017:

2017:   Paper accepted at European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Belgium. 7-10 February.

Paper accepted at the 45th.Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA), Copenhagen, Denmark. 22-24 March

2016:   Twelfth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Chicago University of Illinois, 18-22. May (I organized four symposia)

 44th. Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA), University of Helsinki, 9-11. March (I organized one symposium).

EECERA (Early Childhood), University of Dublin, Dublin, 31. August - 2. September.  (Self organized symposium with international partners on leadership).


2015:   Eleventh International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Chicago University of Illinois,

17. - 20. May (Leader of spotlight symposium)


2014:   Tenth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Chicago University of Illinois.

May 21-24th. (Leader of symposium:  A working constitution).

Discourse, Power, Resistance (DPR). London, Greenwich, April 8-9th.


Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA), Lillehammer University College, Norway March 5-7th. (Paper presentation)


2013:   International Conference on Diverse Teachers for Diverse Learners. Hedemark University College, 22nd.May.


Eleventh “FoU in Practice” Conference at Stjørdal, Norway, April. (Artistic symposium on the theme Research and Terrorism (Researchers and musicians))


2012:   Eighth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Chicago University of Illinois, 20-24. May (Paper presentation). I also lead the Norwegian Panel on the theme “Norway 07.22.2011”


2011:   Seventh International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Chicago University of Illinois (Paper presentation).  


EISTA / IMSCI conference on E-learning and Peer- Evaluation, Orlando, Florida: July. (Paper presentation)


2010:  Association of Educational Assessment- Europe (AEA), Oslo, November. (Paper presentation) 


2010:  European Evaluation Society (EES), Prague. September

 Paper presentation)


EISTA/IMSCI conference on E-learning and Peer- Evaluation, Orlando, Florida. June-July (Two paper presentations.)



Current work:

Book on leadership in ECECs (Fagbokforlaget 2017)

Book on processquality (Fagbokforlaget 2017)


Article 1:  On Educational Justice (International review of qualitative Inquiry)

Article 1: Poeticizing data (International review of qualitative Inquiry)


Reference list from  1995-2016:

1. 1995/6: Fagdidaktisk kunnskap belyst gjennom undervisning i hendelsene på Eidsvoll i

1814. Tre kasusstudier av lærere i videregående skole. Trondheim: Tapir.

(Pedagogical content knowledge seen through the events at Eidsvoll in 1814. Case studies of three high school teachers. (Published Master Thesis, Tapir)


2. 1994: Eidsvoll 1814: En kasusstudie av historieundervisning. I M. Uljens (ed.); Didaktikk. Lund: Studentlitteratur. (Eidsvoll 1814: A case study of teaching history)


3. 1994: Something wise, something vital and something invisible; on the nature of

Pedagogical content knowledge. In Zeitshrift fur pedagogik. Berlin.


4. 1996: Professor, kom tilbake.  I festskrift for Åsmund Lønning Strømnes:

Klasserommet I sentrum. Trondheim: Tapir. (Professor, come back).


5. 1998: Eidsvoll 1814: Kasus studie av hvordan historiesyn og elevsyn påvirker

undervisning. I festskrift for Bjørg Gundem; Didaktikk; Tradisjon og fornyelse. Rapport nr.12. Universitetet i Oslo. (Eidsvoll 1814: A case study of how discipline structure and opinions about students influence teaching)


6. 1998: The five Klafki Questions as a conceptual framework for research on teaching. In S.

Hopmann, K. Riquaarts and I. Westbury (Eds.): The German Didaktik Tradition:

Teaching as reflective practice. New York: Earlbaum.



Dette er publikasjoner før jeg begynte mitt arbeid mid dr.grad.  I 2003 fikk jeg førstelektoropprykk.



7.  2007/09:  SPUNK – A Love story.  Teacher community not; Writing towards a de-authorized and double(d) perspective of research and reform in schools.  Doctoral thesis, NTNU. 2007.  Published at VDM Verlag 2009.


Publikasjoner etter avlagt doktorgrad:


8. 2008:  My Norwegian Lusekofte.  International Review of Qualitative Research. Vol.1. No.

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11. 2009: Skriving som skole: På veg mot de – autoriserte og doble(de) perspektiver på forskning, utvikling og læring i skolen.   I Verden satt ut av spill; Postmoderne pedagogiske perspektiver.  Dobson, S & Steinsholt, K. (Red.).  Tapir Forlag. Trondheim.

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46. Writing matters in leadership practice. Reconceptualizing Educational Research Methodology 2016, 7(2) http://journals.hioa.no/index.php/rerm




Published newspaper and magazine articles 2010/15:

            1.  2010: On Grades (Adresseavisen)

            2.  2010: Innovation and Negation (Trønderavisen)

            3.  2011: Pedagogy and Humor (Fagbladet Utdanning)

            4.  2011: Pestalozzi, the European Council and Education (Trønderavisen)

            5.  2011: The Finnish paradoks (Fagbladet Bedre Skole)

            6.  2011: Det er vi som er operaen (Fagbladet Utdanning)

7.  2012: Poetry in language and democracy (European Wergeland Centre Statement


            8. 2013: Assessment Language (Fagbladet Bedre Skole nr 1 Januar)

            9. 2015: Judith Butler (Fagbladet Barnehagefolk)