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Kris Kalkman

Seksjon for pedagogikk

 Kris Kalkman has a Phd in Social Work from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and has worked at NTNU Social Research’s section Diversity and Inclusion. Currently he works at Queen Mauds University College for Early Childhood Education and Care. With a master in early childhood pedagogies and background as an early childhood practitioner, he is interested in the position of marginalized children in Norwegian day care settings, investigating structural and relational issues of inequity, subordination and social (in)justice. His research engages with the sociology of childhood and childhood studies.


2017:   Phd i Sosialt arbeid ved NTNUs Institutt for Sosialt arbeid        

2015:  NTNU, ISH, P.hd. kurs SARB8008 Immigration, integration and ethnic diversity

 2014:  UIO, P.hd kurs, UV9230 Listening to children's voices. Methodological challenges and possibilities

 2013:  NTNU, NOSEB - P.hd kurs BARN8101: Social Studies of Children and Childhood:  Research Perspectives

 2013:    NTNU, NOSEB - P.hd kurs BARN8200: Methodology in Child and Childhood Research

 2013:    NTNU, SVT - P.hd kurs SFEL8000 Vitenskapsteori i samfunnsvitenskap

 2010-2012:  NTNU/DMMH - Master i Early Childhood Care and Education

 2007-2010:   DMMH – Dronning Mauds Minne Høgskole Barnehagelærerutdanning ved linje for Internasjonal forståelse og flerkulturelt arbeid (IFFA), Bachelor        


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