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Enjoying her student days at Queen Maud University College

Emiliana P. Mgaya is a quota student from Tanzania, studying for a Master Degree for Children with Special needs.

Before she started the studies at QMUC, Ms. Mgaya completed a Bachelor Degree in the same topic at Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University in Tanzania. 

- Being in Norway is interesting, says Ms. Mgaya. - It is good for me, I learn so many things that help me in my understanding of the studies. Students in Norway learn how we early on can prepare for children with special needs. In Tanzania these children don't get much extra attention. There isn't enough knowledge and support for children with special needs. However, these issues are something that are now being adressed.

Studying abroad has been easy. She spent last year studying Norwegian at Høgskolen i Volda, and now speaks Norwegian quite well. Also she is allowed to write her exams in English. - I live with people from different countries, so I speak a lot of English at home. Many of the books are also in English. But I speak Norwegian at the college. We have many interesting discussions in the class, and I have made some good friends. 

Next year Ms. Mgaya will be writing her Master thesis. She is planning to write about languages and communication.

She has just returned from her practical training at Dalgård school, a primary school that also have classes for children with special needs. - I have learned much about including the children, they were involved in so many different activities. We collected money for a charity, we cooked together, we engaged in a lot of different acitivities. It was interesting too see how much they could learn. Different teachers were working together for the children's best interests. Also, my contact person was very welcoming, and positive, she taught me much. I am very, very satisfied with my training there and hope to go back after my exams in December.

An other place Ms. Mgaya wants to go to is her homeland Tanzania. After Christmas the Master students will have 5 weeks of mentored pracical training. She is hoping to go to Tanzania, and is encouraging her fellow students to go with her. - It is very useful to go to an other country, to experience an other culture. And Tanzania is both peaceful and beautiful, she smiles.

The Quota Scheme at Queen Maud University College.