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International cooperation

The international involvement at DMMH has grown steadily. The staff has gained valuable experiences and international perspectives from participating at international conferences, in mobility and research with international colleagues.
These activities have given a basis for further internationalisation and co-operation within early childhood education teacher training, as well as in research relating to early childhood education.  

Erasmus Policy Statement
Ethical guidelines concerning international cooperation

Teacher and Staff Mobility

DMMH encourages teachers and staff to visit other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) for teaching and training on mobility grants within the ERASMUS programme. There is also staff exchange with HEIs in other parts of the world. 

DMMH hosts many visiting teachers and other staff from partner institutions. The mobility visits from 2 days and up to 1 week. PhD student come on mobility visits for periods up to 6 months. Teacher and staff mobility has provided very positive experiences for our own and our partners’ teachers and staff members.  

Student Mobility

Every academic year, several DMMH undergraduate students go abroad for a study period of 3 months within the framework of ERASMUS in Europe and within bilateral agreements with partner institutions in other parts of the world. Our master's students also have opportunities to take part of their studies abroad. Exactly where and for how long, depends on which programme they are connected to. 

Similarly, DMMH receives several international undergraduate students within the ERASMUS programme and from partner institutions outside Europe for studies of 3 months or a semester.

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Collaboration with African partners

Several DMMH staff and students are engaged in collaboration and exchanges with parters in Southern Africa. The partnerships date back to 1999 and are still evloving and new projects are emerging. Read more about DMMH's African partnerships priority here