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Congratulations to Emiliana Mgaya on completing her Masters Degree

Emiliana Mgaya from Tanzania has just completed her Master of Science in Special Education at NTNU/QMUC.
Emiliana Mgaya with her tutors Else Johansen Lyngseth and Arve Gunnestad,from QMUC.
Emiliana Mgaya with her tutors Else Johansen Lyngseth and Arve Gunnestad, from QMUC. (Photo: Anne Sine van Marion).

The thesis is titled: "Children with language impairment in Tanzania. A qualitative study about how special education teachers experience working with children with language impairment in pre-schools in Tanzania."
Ms. Mgaya came to QMUC from our partner institution Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University, (SEKOMU). Her supervisors from QMUC have been Associate Professor Else Johansen Lyngseth and Professor Arve Gunnestad.

- I have chosen this study in order to increase the knowledge of children with language impairment through the experience of special education teachers, says Ms. Mgaya. - My study has great relevance towards the staff working in pre-schools in Tanzania. It has great importance as I am a special education teacher who works on enhancing, expanding and exposing the knowledge of language impairment in pre-schools. 

The goal is to learn more about how to improve the work on children with language impairment. I am eager to learn various alternative ways of working with children with language impairment. It is important to have the knowledge on how to develop language in children with language impairment in the best way, in doing so these children can be able to participate in daily life just like other members of society. They can be able to express their thoughts, views and opinions in their learning process. In that way, it will make their learning more profound.

Mgaya has been in Norway for 3 years. As a part of the Norwegian Quota Scheme she first attended a language course at Volda University College, before moving to Trondheim. - The thing I appreciate most being in Norway is the sharing of libraries. If I don't get a book in a certain library they will order it from an other library. I really liked this and I will miss it a lot. I will miss many things, especially in terms of the availability of the resources.

In the future Ms. Mgaya plans to study for a PhD but first she is going back to Tanzania to work at SEKOMU.