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Greetings from Mozambique

Professor Arve Gunnestad has been in East Africa and visited the preschool teacher training QMUC is supporting in Maputo. 


He visited several ECED institutions, and was pleased to meet several of the former students. He also took part in a seminar about Leadership for the students. In addition to Professor Gunnestad the speakers came from several of the Ministeries and the University. 

Gunnestad addressed several topics, and the ministries spoke about job possibilities and retirement schemes for kindergarten teachers. 

This is a new education and profession in Mosambique. Traditionally it has been women with no education who have performed this kind of work, and the profession has got low status and is poorly paid.

By launching an education in childcare the profession is being severely lifted. Both the respect of children and how they are viewed are getting more recognised. The same goes for the importance of Early Child Care institutions, and women as professionals.

Gunnestad also spoke at a seminar for students and employees at Universidade Pedagogica, where he spoke about resilience and children at risk.