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Guest researcher

Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education is happy to be able to host a small number of excellent professors, researchers and visiting doctoral students. We give priority to international scholars with whom we already have established research relationships. 

How to proceed

Usually, you have the best chance to succeed in becoming a visiting researcher if you first establish contact with QMUC researchers in your field of expertise who recommend that you come. This researcher will serve as your academic and social contact point.

You can find an overview of our experts here (in Norwegian).


In order to get the research stay approved, you have to apply to the Head of Research (fouadm@dmmh.no)

In order to make the most effective use of your time at QMUC, we suggest that plans are made well in advance of your visit, usually several months in advance. Together with your request for a research stay, we ask you to attach a research work plan, which brings clear benefits to both parties.

During your stay, you are expected to engage with your own research, but also be willing to contribute to academic events that take place at QMUC.

It is only after the application has been considered that you will receive a formal decision about whether QMUC can offer you a place. The process can take several weeks, so please allow enough time. Together with a positive decision, you will receive a Letter of Invitation.

As a guest researcher at QMUC we can offer you a desk, access to an academic environment, access to our library and possibly also links to relevant kindergartens/early childhood education and care institutions. We are unfortunately not able to offer housing, but might give some recommendations as to which platforms to use to look for accommodation.