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Explanation of grades and appeals

Explanation of grades

Before you decide to request an explanation, you should read the assessment guidelines posted on itslearning (written school examinations) or WISEflow (written assignments).

For oral or practical examinations (e.g. theatrical performance), you must request an explanation immediately after being notified of the grade. For other examinations, the deadline is 1 week after the announcement of the grades.

The explanation is normally given within 2 weeks after the request. The examiner decides whether he or she wants to give the explanation orally or written. 

Appealing a grade

You may appeal a grade if you are not satisfied with it. The deadline for appealing is 3 weeks after the announcement of the grades or 3 weeks after you have received an explanation of the grade.

It is not possible to appeal a grade awarded for an oral or practical examination, or for practical training.

When you appeal a grade, two new examiners will be appointed to make a new assessment. Minimum one of them shall be external. They will not be given any information about the initial grade, the explanation of it or the basis for the student's appeal.

A change of the grade awarded may be in favour of or in disfavour of the appellant, or it may be unchanged. The grade awarded after the appeal process is final.

Appeal of procedural errors

The deadline for appealing is 3 weeks after the student should be aware of the circumstances that make the reasons for the appeal. An appeal of procedural errors must be substantiated. The Appeals Committee settles appeals of procedural errors.

Procedural errors are errors related to the arrangement of examinations and/or grading that have led to the student being given a disadvantage when taking the examination.