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Greetings from The Student Parliament

QMUC – The small, but large university college.
Welcome as a new student in Trondheim. And welcome to Queen Maud University College. As a student here, we hope you will find that there is quality and not quantity that counts. QMUC might be small in size, but we are big in our field - the Early Childhood Education. The university college has lecturers and researchers who have expertise in their fields, and aims to graduate the best pre-school teachers.

The Student Parliament at QMUC would encourage all new students to get involved in their campus life. Our job is to ensure that we as students are heard in all matters that concerns us. 

The Student Parliament consist of two students from all classes. Each year the Student Parliament selects a working committee consisting of eight persons who are elected in the autumn semester. Together we work to maintain and further develop student involvement at the college, and to make your campus life as good as possible.

To achieve this goal, we depend on the students at the university college to be involved in their campus life. Ask questions about the campus life and the academic courses, and voice your opinion on what you think should be different, and do not think that your opinion does not count.

This is our message to you; Get involved and make the most of your time here at Queen Maud University College. This way you will hopefully create memories that will be worth taking with you for the rest of your life!

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