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Getting to and around campus

QMUC is located at Dalen, ca. 3 kilometres north-east of Trondheim city centre. The university college is visible from Innherredsveien, which connects the city centre with Leangen and Strindheim. 

Below you find a description of how to get to QMUC, as well as an overview of our campus and rooms. 

There are no parking spaces for students on campus or close to campus. There are parking spaces for bikes under roof and the bus stop is quite near.

Most of the buses serving the east side of the city pass QMUC. Amongst these are the bus company AtB's lines no. 1 (metro bus) and 12. It takes about 10 minutes by bus from the city centre and it is a 2 minute walk from the bus stop.

The airport bus from Værnes airport takes approximately 20 minutes getting here.

The nearest bus stop is Dalen Hageby.

It is also possible to take the train coming from south or north, and from Værnes (Trondheim Lufthavn). The nearest train station is Lilleby.

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Campus and rooms

Building H "Hovedbygget"

Lower ground floor / basement (room 000-067)
1st floor / ground floor (room 100-170)
2nd floor (room 200-242)
3rd floor (room 300-338)

Building A "Astrid Vatnes hus"
Lower ground floor / basement (room 1301-1324)
1st floor / ground floor (room 1402-1427)
2nd floor (room 1501-1550)
3rd floor (room 1601-1649)

Building M "Mellomgården"
1st floor / ground floor (room 500-507)
2nd floor (room 600-616)
3rd floor (room 700-722)

Building K "Kapellangården"
1st floor / ground floor (room 800-811)
2nd floor (room 850-868)

Building L "Låven"
1st floor / ground floor (room 1100-1115)
2nd floor (room 1200-1229)

Building V "Vaktmesterboligen"
1st floor / ground floor (room 900-901) Akademika bookshop
2nd floor (room 950-952)

Frøset Farm ("Frøset Gård")

Outdoor play is a target area for QMUC. At Frøset we teach how to actively use the children's and/or kindergartens neighbourhoods for playing and learning.