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EEA Slovakia

About the Project:

The main aim of the project is to thoroughly map the study programmes and research fields at partner universities. The students and teacher will be also given a chance to prepare bilateral and multilateral projects (both, students and academic educational and academic research). It will also create a space for learning about the educational system; methods and approaches applied in teaching and discuss its efficiency and effectivity what will contribute to improving the quality of university education.

Moreover, learning more about a country, its culture and history promotes intercultural understanding and is a significant and important by-side effect.

Having higher number of the universities in the project will enable the team to prepare the grounds for further possible multilateral cooperation among them. Furthermore, to the reasons mentioned above we may mention also the fact that all universities involved have ECHE and thus will be the approved for the realisation of the mobilities within Erasmus+ (world) scheme that should be launched in Slovakia next year.

Four universities are involved in the project. University of Presov, Slovakia, Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education, Buskerud and Vestfold University College in Norway and The University in Akureyra in Iceland.