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Wi-Fi, IT account and support


eduroam (education roaming) is a wireless network for educational institutions all over the world. When eduroam is installed on your device, you will automatically be connected if eduroam is available.

NB! User name for eduroam = student number@dmmh.no
You may install eduroam here:
or here:

In order to install eduroam, your device must be connected to the Internet. You can use QMUC’s wireless network for guest for this.

Wireless network for guests

Guests who do not have eduroam may use the wireless network DMMH-GJEST
Code/password: DMMH-GJEST kode/passord

Security requirements

We require that the device you connect to the wireless network has updated antivirus software. If this is not the case, we may shut you out of the wireless network indefinitely.

The wireless network shall only be used for school work or other study related activities.

All computers are given a traceable IP address, which makes it possible to trace any violations of QMUC’s ethical norms and IT regulations.

IT account

All students must activate their IT account on this webpage:
Here you may also set or change your password.

Click on the link “Ny student? Aktiver kontoen din her” (New student? Activate your account here).

Log on with your personal identification number (11 digits) and PIN-code (4 digits).

«Brukernavn» (user name) = student number (6 digits).

IT support

Contact information for IT support (click on the name for more information):

Morten Tellnes
IT Manager Morten Tellnes mte@dmmh.notlf: 73 80 52 72