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Copying, printing and scanning

The machine is placed on the 1st floor / ground floor in the main building (by the class shelves / bulletin boards). If the service is unavailable or there is a long waiting line, you may use the spare machine outside of room 611 in «Mellomgården».

Log on with your student card to use the machine. The student card must be registered in the system beforehand (see below).

Registration of student card

Register your student card on the machine’s card reader with either

1) Activation code to be generated here: http://print.dmmh.no
“Access credentials” - “Generate card activation code”

   The activation code will also be sent to your student e-mail.

2) User name / password
NB! You can switch between lower case letters and capital letters with the key “Forskyv” (shift) on the screen keyboard on the bottom right.


You must transfer money to your printing account to be able to copy/print: http://print.dmmh.no
"My credit" - "Deposit money"

  Money already transferred is not refundable.


  • Each A4 page costs NOK 0,40 in black and white and 1,20 in colour.
  • Each A3 page costs NOK 0,80 in black and white and 2,40 in colour.
  • A4 paper costs NOK 0,10 per sheet.
  • A3 paper costs NOK 0,20 per sheet.
  • Scanning is free of charge.

Printing from private computer, tablet computer and mobile phone

There are two methods:

1) Install the printer on your PC or Mac

  (You must be connected to the wireless network at QMUC in order to do this.)

Windows (10 - 8 - 7 - Vista):

Press “Start”   and fill in: \\\print

Press the Enter key.
(NB! It may take a little while before something happens.)

User name = dmmh\student number (NB! Backslash).
Tick “Husk legitimasjon” (remember ID) when you state your user name and password.

(NB! It may take a little while before something happens.) 


For Mac, we recommend method number 2 (below). Then you do not have to install the printer in order to print. If you on the other hand need to install the printer, you find a user manual here (in Norwegian only).

2) Printing via e-mail or web (Mobile Print)

You may use any device, and print from anywhere.
Sending files for printing:

The printouts are 2-sided with automatic colour choice.
In order to get more copies, you can either:

  • Send/upload the file several times, or
  • Make a new copy or copies of the printout


Choose “Kopier” (copy).
The copies are 2-sided, black and white.
If you need colour copies, choose “Automatisk farge” (automatic colour).
(Do not choose “Fullfarge” (full colour), to avoid paying colour copy prices also for the black and white copies.)


Choose "SafeQ Scan".
Scanning is free of charge.
The document is scanned 1-sided and sent as a PDF file to your student e-mail.

Choose “V”   -  “Skanneinnstill.” (settings) - “A) Grunnlegg.” (basic) if you need to change the settings, e.g.:

  • The original document is 2-sided.
  • Scanning quality: Choose “Filtype PDF” (instead of “Kompakt PDF”).
  • Merge separated originals into 1 PDF file: "Separat skanning".


Choose "SafeQ Print".
The printouts are 2-sided, black and white.
You may change the settings on your PC/Mac before you print the documents.
If you need colour printouts, you must change the settings on your PC/Mac before printing. This is how you do it in Word:

"Fil" (file) - "Skriv ut" (print) - "Skriveregenskaper" (or “Egenskaper/Innstillinger”) (printer settings) - "Kvalitet" (quality) - "Velg farge" (choose colour) -  "Autom. farge" (automatic colour)

In order to print all of your jobs: Choose "Skriv ut alle - Ja" (print all - yes) before you log on. Everything you have sent for printing the last 24 hours will then be printed.


It is not allowed to bring your own paper sheets. Paper (including transparencies) is provided by QMUC, please contact “Ekspedisjonen” (the office counter).
If you need to use special sheets, you must choose the paper drawer "Manuelt matebrett" on the right side.