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The project is a collaboration between DMMH, Department of Energy and Process Engineering, NTNU (Industrial Ecology Programme), Dalarna University (Sweden), Aldo Moro University in Bari (Italy), the kindergarten chain Trondhjems Asylselskap (which includes ten kindergartens) and Credo Competence Centre.

About the project

The project FOOD4kids aims to increase kindergarten's knowledge of food and how it affects both personal health and the environment. The project will last 3 and a half years and is financed by the Research Council of Norway.

Data will be collected from kindergarten children and staff in three European countries (Norway, Sweden, and Italy). These data will be used to compare food served in kindergartens and investigate children's knowledge of sustainability and on how food webs in nature work.

Expected results

Data on the food items that are bought during a year in at least 20 kindergartens in Norway will be used to calculate the carbon emissions, water consumption and land use related to each individual product, including transport, packaging, etc. We will develop an app to assess the health and environmental impact of the food items. The app will be adapted for kindergarten use and will be available for free.
The project will also develop and test educational tools and activities that deal with sustainability and health, to which the kindergartens will have free access.

The results of this project will be used in both education and practice and will contribute to a better understanding of food and sustainability and how to introduce this topic to kindergarten children.


Survey, interview, observation, intervention, LCA.

Project period

FOOD4kids started in December 2023, and will end the 31th of May 2027.

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Project participants

Claudia Melis (project manager)
Kathrine Bjørgen
Anna Maria Billing
Per-Arvid Wold

Department of Energy and Process Engineering, NTNU
Francesco Cherubini
Konstantin Stadler

Trondhjem Asylselskap
Paal Christian Bjønnes

Credo Competence Center

Heidi Bjerkan

Dalarna University

Farhana Borg

Aldo Moro University in Bari

Gabriella Falcicchio